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Sarmism - Lessons (Bricolage bc057)

Sarmism releases debut album Lessons via Glasgow electronic music label Bricolage

We’ve featured Glasgow based Bricolage quite recently with their release of Dark Fidelity Hi-Fi by Machine Blossoms. We were impressed by that release and now equally delighted to feature Lessons, the debut album by Manchester musician Sarmism. Lessons is an album that combines a mix of ambience, bleepy IDM, glitch aesthetics, fractal beats, hazy electronica …

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thomTide redBrocket

thomTide releases redBrocket

redBrocket is a new track released by thomTide. There’s something about this track I really like, I think it’s the combination of the songwriting, with it’s melodic ideas that remind me of 90’s britpop like Garbage, or The Cardigans maybe, or maybe it’s the poppy, electronica production. It’s only 1 minute 16 seconds long, so …

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Shn Shn - Essence

Shn Shn – Essence

Structura is the debut project from shn shn, a side project of Canadian singer-songwriter Shanika Maria. shn shn paints a cinematic scene using production, soundscapes, ambience, dense harmonies and beatmaking. Shanika is preparing to release “structura”, her debut ambient pop ep shortly. In the meantime you can enjoy the lushness of essence… shn shn · …

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ANJELICA - Ancient [Official Video]

Anjelica – Ancient

ANJELICA brings an elevated sense of truth and vulnerability to the dark-pop music genre. Listenersreceived a taste of her forthcoming projects through her debut single Good Ones that she further accompanied with a stripped acoustic version and a stunning video to accompany. Through her music, a gravitational pull ignites and ANJELICA brings us together in …

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Lea Porcelain - Pool Song

Lea Porcelain – Pool Song

Lea Porcelain is a Berlin based duo comprised of producer Julien Bracht and singer Markus Nikolaus. Julien and Markus meet for the first time in a nightclub in Frankfurt. At this time both were busy with their own projects but decided to stay in touch as they felt the chemistry between each other. Now – a couple of …

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