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Zane Coppard

Ulysses remixes Zane Coppard’s Lost Upon The First Step.

I had to look up a definition of Witch House as it’s a genre that seems to have passed me by. As I’d recently gotten a lot of this kind of thing in my inbox I thought I’d better look it up… According to Wikipedia, ‘Witch House’ is a dark, occult-themed electronic music microgenre and visual aesthetic that emerged …

Safejas releases Balance

Massimo Pupillo – The Black Iron Prison

Manif – Not Expected

Mirek Coutigny – Atlas (Electronic Rework)

Gabriel Stern releases This ‘n That

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The Drift - Ambient Explorations

The Drift – Ambient Explorations [Spotify Playlist]

The Drift is a growing collection of relaxing, blissful, peaceful ambient soundscapes. Music to soothe your twisted, broken soul. You’ll find some beautiful tracks from new artists that you may not have heard of before alongside tracks by Brian Eno and Aphex Twin. Find somewhere quiet, close your eyes and relax…

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Trick Or Treat – A Halloween Spotify Playlist

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