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Welcome to – This blog was created out of a love for electronic music, to share some great tunes, to help bring music to ears. From electronica to ambient, experimental, drum & bass, and dubstep, you’ll most likely happen upon it here. While we’re not averse to commercial releases, we do like to support underground electronic music and have a soft spot for tape labels.

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There’s also a bunch of Spotify playlists you can follow below if you like that sort of thing. I’m thinking about an electronica podcast or some electronic music mixtape thingamajig in the future, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

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Sarmism - Lessons (Bricolage bc057)

Sarmism releases debut album Lessons via Glasgow electronic music label Bricolage

We’ve featured Glasgow based Bricolage quite recently with their release of Dark Fidelity Hi-Fi by Machine Blossoms. We were impressed by that release and now equally delighted to feature Lessons, the debut album by Manchester musician Sarmism. Lessons is an album that combines a mix of ambience, bleepy IDM, glitch aesthetics, fractal beats, hazy electronica …

thomTide releases redBrocket

Brandon Terzakis flexes his jazz muscles with Emm

Lyon Mane releases Blame Game


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The Best Electronica Spotify Playlist…

Here is our big electronic music Spotify playlist. It’s our favourites electronica tunes right now. It’s ambient, experimental, it’s featuring the best and latest electronic music… We’re regularly updating it with the latest new releases, follow it on Spotify to stay in the loop, submit your music to us and you might even appear on …

Sounds of Hauntology – A Spotify Playlist

History – An Old School Electronica Playlist

The Best Drum & Bass Playlist Right Now…