gasoline monk gum

Gasoline Monk releases Jazztronica album GUM

Bumping up against converging storms of psychedelia, jazz & hip hop sits producer/multi-instrumentalist Gasoline Monk, hunched over a computer, coughing on the dust of secondhand Blue Note records & unraveled cassette tape. One synth sits plugged into a 1970s amp, another’s covered in manuscript paper & Hanon exercises. Out of this all-vintage-everything world comes music …

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Sin Maldita - Me Me Me

Sin Maldita releases ‘Me Me Me’ ahead of debut album ‘You’re Trouble’

Sin Maldita is a Berlin based artist making ‘infernal, androgynous avant-garde pop’ that takes cues from experimental club music, seeking to strike an uncanny chord between abrasiveness and accessibility to tap into jagged, chaotic, beautiful and at times humorous emotions and spaces.  He’s worked with Amnesia Scanner for their acclaimed multidisciplinary A/V performance ANESTHESIA SCAMMER, …

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Million Square - Dome

Million Square releases jazz-infused electronic single, Dome…

Million Square are a London based, electronic duo featuring Max Luthert and Duncan Eagles. Their style is a blend of jazz and electronic music, with jazz / saxophone improvisations over intricately constructed electronic soundscapes. Since releasing their debut EP in 2018 they have been honing this sound, performing live around London, utilizing modular synthesizers, triggers …

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Caleb Hurst - REM_071019

Caleb Hurst – REM_071019

This slow-paced ambient track was created by Caleb Hurst and Logan Beckham entirely from a Korg MS-20 synthesizer. Intended as a “sleep song,” the 9+ minute “REM_071019” is paired with a hypnotic video edited by Devin Fortenberry. The video mimics a dream, sitting on black and white footage that seems like your brain waves being …

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Spiral Dial

Spiral Dial – I Can’t Breathe

Spiral Dial is an innovative electroacoustic improvisational ensemble fronted by Liza Bec. They’ve just released a new EP ‘Live at Servant Jazz Quarters’. Using a customized robotic tenor recorder created with the help of Leafcutter John, Liza creates hypnotic and mesmerizing soundscapes, together with David Ryder Prangley (Rachel Stamp, Adam Ant) on bass guitar and …

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Lennart Heyndels - Bird Shuffle

Lennart Heyndels – Bird Shuffle

Bird Shuffle is the first single of Brussels based multi-instrumentalist Lennart Heyndels’ upcoming album ‘Halling’. The track was recorded during a residency in the Norwegian countryside, utilising both recorded ambient sounds and modular synthesisers. The title of the album refers to the Hallingdal region, as well as the traditional local dance ‘Halling’, in which a …

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