Thoughts on Gestural Control for Future Music & VJ Performance

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Some thoughts towards the end of 2013…

MYO – We are currently exploring the likes of Leap Motion. Leap Motion allows us to use gestural control without the need for virtual reality gloves, such as those utilised with technology such as GlovePIE. MYO take this technology further, with out the restrictions of the Leap Motion camera.

MYO takes the physical for of an armband, worn on the forearm. Using Bluetooth technology it uses data gained from muscle activity and motion sensitivity to give a precise image of the arm, hand and fingers in space. This allows for precise gestural control comparable to GlovePIE with a VR glove, yet without cumbersome hardware. The opportunities for physical dramatic performances are interesting.

MYO is not yet on the market so is in its infancy. Developers are currently being invited to experiment with the MYO API to begin working on apps in advance of a 2014 launch date.

Leap Motion has got there first, with Leap Motion currently being implemented within a laptop computer. The HP Envy Leap Motion SE laptop is available from October 2013 with Leap Motion technology installed within the hardware. Leap Motion is easy to use from a typical user position and does not require calibration between users so is capable of being used side by side with other technology.

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