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glovepieGlovePIE (Glove Programmable Input Emulator) is software originally created by Carl Kenner and provides a means of emulating data input for devices including Wii Remote, joysticks, gamepads, Microsoft Kinect and other devices. Originally GlovePIE was created for virtual reality gaming gloves such as the Essential Reality P5 Gaming Glove or devices such as the 5DT Data Glove, created for usage in an MRI environment.

Within a multimedia / performance environment, like junXion, GlovePIE is able to receive data from HIDs such as joysticks, mice, keyboards, gaming controllers such as Wii Remotes and map this incoming data to output MIDI or OSC data, enabling devices to control MIDI or OSC compatible applications and hardware.

Like the GecoMIDI application created for the Leap Motion device, data captured by the P5 Gaming Glove is focussed on 6 degrees of tracking. These being on the X, Y & Z axis, combined with pitch, roll & yaw. This offers similar scope for control, albeit with different levels of success dictated by the effectiveness of the technology.

For usage within an audio-visual environment GlovePIE is able to send MIDI or OSC control information to be effective in controlling any MIDI/OSC capable software application or device. Unlike junXion, available for the OS X operating system, GlovePIE is not a commercial product. Relying on the work of the programmer, Carl Kenner, the application relies on the work and motivation of the programmer, rather than market forces. As such, updates, bug fixes and compatibility cannot be guaranteed. GlovePIE was last updated on 31/12/11.


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