ChucK – Real-time audio programming

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ChucK is a real-time audio programming language, designed for on-the-fly audio synthesis and processing. Without stopping or starting the running program, the user, composer or programmer is able to augment or modify the output in real time.

ChucK’s user interface relies on on-the-fly programming. An example of a ChucK program, shown below gives an example of how ChucK can manipulate digital audio:

SinOsc s1 => PRCRev g => dac; 
SinOsc s2 => g; 
.5 => g.gain;

The above example shows two sine oscillators into a gain control, with reverb (PRCRev) utilised within the patch.

ChucK in itself is an interesting method of manipulating audio, in realtime, and is of special interest to musicians and audio programmers. ChucK by it’s very nature does not have a GUI suitable for utilising gestural controllers such as the Leap Motion device. Outputting data to a MIDI device, or outputting data via OSC does give ChucK opportunities for algorithmic composition and live-performance.

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