Whettman Chelmets / qualchan – Theme-Variations – Split release from Strategic Tape Reserve

whettman chelmets - qualchan - Theme∞Variations
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Theme∞Variations is a split release by Whettman Chelmets and qualcan, and is released on cassette by Strategic Tape Reserve, who you may remember from our recent review of The Tuesday Night Machines.

Whettman Chelmets’ contribution took their inspiration from the world of classical music, and assemble their tracks via the medium of theme and variations, the theme being a contribution from side b’s qualchan.

It’s experimental in nature, sometimes playful, with dark ambiences and atmospheres juxtaposed with simple piano melodies. Here’s Variation 2 – Home is Stabbing, which explores some glitching rhythms alongside melodic synths and bells…

Variation 6 – Home is a Neverending Wave ends Whettman Chelmets contribution to the release and is a brooding dark ambient exploration of the main theme…

qualchan’s contribution to this release is a series of short tracks, almost a collection of interludes, exploring house music in a lo-fi, grungy, atmospheric way. Here’s skeeter…

It’s all sounding very retro, sometimes degraded. Here’s nite moves, which sounds like Shakatak on a severe downer…

It’s great release from all concerned, and a great release from Cologne based Strategic Tape Reserve

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