Varsity Star – Ball

Varsity Star - Ball
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I like it when music makes me smile. Varsity Star achieves this with Ball, a track released a month ago on Star Player Sporting Goods. It’s very much in the vein of Aphex Twin, who’s quite partial to songs featuring bouncing balls himself. Varsity Star’s approach is easier on the ear though.

Boston to Berlin to Brooklyn…

Varsity Star has recorded two previous albums, the first, Model Home, was recorded after he fled to Berlin from Boston (due to a ‘biblical flea infestation’). He recorded a second album after a return to the States in Brookly, where he now performs and records.

He’s now focussing on shorter releases, with Ball featuring on the That’s Something EP, available now on Spotify. It’s a woozy, instrumental kind of electronica, with early Aphex squarely in mind, and it does a good job of invoking this mood whilst adding it’s own style and technique.

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