Turquoise Moon -The Sunset City

Turquoise Moon - The Sunset City
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The Sunset City is the latest release by Turquoise Moon released by Spun Out Of Control. It’s a release that’s designed to slot perfectly into a Synthwave sized hole, and succeeds admirably. Its cover artwork is by John Bergin of Stranger Things/Lakeshore Records. It sounds fantastic, and looks great too.

As you’d expect from a synthwave album, it’s harking back to the 1980’s. It’s got that thumping synth bass, flowing arpeggios, it’s got some great melody, and some lush synth strings in the background. Cherry Cola has some lovely piano. It’s also very contemporary, like a lot of Synthwave, it’s a lush production.

Here’s the opening track, Skyscraper Moon, to give you a flavour of what The Sunset City is all about…

Here’s track 10 from the album, Ocean Swallows Sun, a wonderful ambient track from The Sunset City…

The Sunset City is currently available as a strictly limited hand-numbered vinyl album with removable Japanese style paper OBI strip, anti-static inner sleeve, and protective plastic over-bag. There are also two vinyl colour options and they can also be ordered as a double pack. It all sounds lovely, you’ll have to be very quick to get a copy if it’s not already sold out…

The Sunset City @ Bandcamp

Who Are Turquoise Moon?

If you read the back story of the previous Turquoise Moon release ‘Midnight Demon’ you will discover that Turquoise Moon were an American synth duo of Terry Ferrello and Frank Heisenberg, who recorded and released music in the first half of the 1980s. They met while living in Mountain View, California, working as game developers for Atari.

They discovered a shared fascination for synthesisers and drum machines that they cracked, modified, and rebuilt. Choosing the name Turquoise Moon, the duo wrote instrumental music out of Frank’s basement, which they self-released on cassette via independent stores and fanzines throughout the Bay Area during 1982. I’m sure they’re currently residing in the “where are they now file”…

Here’s a track from Midnight Demon, called Aurora Over LA…

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