Tom Adams remixes Alpha Waves, a track by Johannes Motschmann

Johannes Motschmann - Alpha Waves - TOM ADAMS REMIX
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Tom Adams is a musician who lives and works in Cornwall, in the South West of England. He writes, produces and sings (with a distinctive falsetto voice), as well as remixing other artists.

Tom released his first EP in 2014, entitled In the Constant Noise, which he created with a hand-held recorder. Adams went on to release his second EP in 2016, Voyages by Starlight (via Kowloon Records).

He’s recently remixed a track by Johannes Motschmann, called Alpha Waves. Tom has taken the minimalist, contemporary classical track by Motschmann, and translated it for a more electronic audience. He’s added his own distinct vocals, alongside contemporary production to make it very much a Tom Adams track…

Here’s the original track by Johannes Motschmann to give you a taste of the original track, a wonderful piece also, which I can’t help thinking has influences from Different Trains


Tom Adams
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We’ve added Alpha Waves to our Essential Electronic Music Spotify playlist.

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