Tobacco – Jinmenken

Tobacco - Jinmenken
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Downcast and woozy are words that have been used to describe this track, and it’s an apt description. Created by Tobacco, aka Thomas Fec, an electronic musician from Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, it’s a downbeat pop song(?) with a melody that is simple yet infectious.

Jinmenken is taken from the forthcoming album Hot Wet & Sassy, scheduled to be released by Ghostly International on October 30th. Tobacco has recently showcased another track from the album, Babysitter, a much darker affair featuring Trent Reznor:

Well that’s all certainly deranged, yet strangely fascinating, I’ll be checking out the full album when it’s released. You can pre-order the album (including on vinyl) from Bandcamp. UK / EU users might want to avoid the US postal cost and pre-order from somewhere like Bleep

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