The Tuesday Night Machines – Lozenge

Lozenge by The Tuesday Night Machines
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I was inspired to check out the tracklist after looking at the credits, and the instruments used in making the track:

Created by The Tuesday Night Machines with a Ciat Lonbarde Sidrax Organ, Cocoquantus, Plumbutter and Meng Qi Rollz-5. Gently mastered in Steinberg Cubasis for iPad, with additional Bram Bos Kosmonaut reverb.

I was obviously cool with Steinberg Cubasis and iPads, but had to checkout Plumbutter and Meng Qi Rollz-5 to make sure that the artist wasn’t making up a list of kit that didn’t actually exist. I now know what a drum and drama machine is, and have a Ciat Lonbarde Sidrax Organ on my wish list!

This release is best enjoyed in a quiet space, in the dark, and wearing a good pair of headphones. It’s all about putting yourself in a space to soak up the ambience. Waves of noise, synthesised sounds, bleeps and rhythmic pulses take you on a wonderful sonic journey.

Lozenge was released as a download and limited edition cassette by Strategic Tape Reserve and is available from Bandcamp:

The Tuesday Night Machines has form for producing some interesting music for Strategic Tape Reserve. Pervious releases include the chip tune inspired Super Dolomiti Crunch, created using the SidTracker 64 and NanoLoop apps.

And then there’s Hawaiian Yurt Music, created using manipulated Hawaiian sound samples and put together using the Korg Gadget app.

Heres a track from Roof Tent Rhythms, an album created on an Akai MPC 500 and assembled from samples found on a bunch of CDs.

This lo-fi approach from is what makes these releases so special, and interesting. Each release from TTNM shows a different thought process guiding their music to a different destination. Go check it all out…

The Tuesday Night Machines
Strategic Tape Reserve

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