Tegan Northwood – Werra Foxma remixes

Tegan Northwood - Werra Foxma remixes
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Australians do like to travel and explore the world. Tegan Northwood is one of these traveling Australians. Luckily for us, whilst she was traveling, Tegan discovered an electronic music open mic night in Edinburgh. It was at one of these open mic nights that she met Frazer Brown, the founder of Werra Foxma, a Scottish studio and record label. You may remember Werra Foxma from the excellent Strange Selectors compilation that we reviewed a while ago.

Tegan Northwood had previously released two albums, a shoegaze/ambient/electronic album and a soundscape album. Last year she released ‘Wherever You Are‘ an EP that Frazer Brown assisted with mixing. It’s from this EP that we now find these remixes, from Frazer and released through Werra Foxma.

The first of these is Higher Self-Help. Frazer takes the ethereal beauty of Tegans songs and adds a delicate yet intricate electronica twist to make it rhythmically stimulating, whilst sympathetic to the emotion of the original recording.

The second of these is Who You Are / Who You Could Be. The original has multiple layers of synthesisers, beats and samples that create a laid back, chilled mood. Frazer’s remix strips this back and adds a dancefloor friendly drum track and bass that propel the song in a new, fresh direction.

Here’s the original tracks from Tegan Northwood. First up is Who You Are / Who You Could Be…

And here’s Higher Self-Help…

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