Tamu Massif – Heathen

Tamu Massif - Heathen
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Tamu Massif manages to straddle the boundaries between electronica and singer-songwriter / folk music with a wonderful production that shows off both songwriting and production skills. Although pop and hip-hop influences can be seen in his layered vocals and beats, his writing bridges the musical chasm between folk and R&B with ambient textures adding emotive atmosphere à la Animal Collective, Bon Iver or James Blake.

Tamu Massif is the alter ego of Bristol-based songwriter Dave Dixon. Dave took his stage name from a ‘submarine volcano‘ that was discovered in the Pacific Ocean in 2013. Dave himself is from Weston-Super-Mare.

‘Heathen’ is the third single for Tamu in 2020, following ‘Holy’ and ‘I Feel You, Atlas’. It’s actually part two of a three-part single, coming after Holy, and before Heaven.

It’s all a wonderful, relaxing, dreamlike journey, with the vocals carrying the track, but supported by intricate electronic elements. It’s certainly not the kind of electronica that I’d normally post on the blog, it’s very much a song with electronica elements to the production, but it’s executed very well. If you missed the first part of this single trilogy, you can give it a spin on Soundcloud below…

If you haven’t yet checked out ‘Little Death Summer’, Tamu Massif’s 2019 debut album, you can listen to it in full on the Spotify player below. Senses should get a special mention first though…

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