electronic music playlist #1

electronic music #001 [Soundcloud Playlist]

Here’s the first in a series of electronic music playlists, featuring a selection of new electronica, techno, breakbeat, ambient, and experimental electronic music. I hope you enjoy… electronica.org.uk · electronic music #1 Track list and links Dark Fidelity Hi Fi – Static Cuts WaterSoundcloud | Review Peeps – RemnantsSoundcloud Tetra Hertz – Synth Bio SystemsSoundcloud …

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Mellodine releases Wide Awake, taken from his latest EP Apart

Mellodine is an electronic music producer currently living in London, but originally from Germany. He’s just released an excellent new EP entitled Apart. Bringing together ambient sounds and textures with intricate percussion and deep house influenced beats, it’s an engaging listen that’s both mellow and pulsating. Here’s Wide Awake, which combines soft syncopated chord stabs …

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