electronic music playlist #1

electronic music #001 [Soundcloud Playlist]

Here’s the first in a series of electronic music playlists, featuring a selection of new electronica, techno, breakbeat, ambient, and experimental electronic music. I hope you enjoy… electronica.org.uk · electronic music #1 Track list and links Dark Fidelity Hi Fi – Static Cuts WaterSoundcloud | Review Peeps – RemnantsSoundcloud Tetra Hertz – Synth Bio SystemsSoundcloud …

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D.P. Webster - Alpha B3ats

D.P. Webster releases eclectic experimental electronica – Alpha B3ats

David Webster has created an album of eclectic beats, ambient excursions and synth oddities. It’s a 9-track album called Alpha Beats, and is available from Spotify, Soundcloud, and all good streaming services. He’s originally from Hesperia, a town in Southern California, and now resident in Los Angeles. When he’s not making music, David is a …

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