Henge – Exo

1990s happy hardcore synth riffs, funky breakbeats, vocoder vocals, psychedelic sci-fi lyrics – Absolutely fantastic! When you get to the end there’s a slow down leading to a big chord borrowed from Mr Blue Sky. Exo by HENGE The B-side, the Pill Testing Remix starts with some gated synth and develops into a banger with …

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Frequencies for Leaving Earth​ by Kevin Richard Martin

Kevin Richard Martin – Frequencies for Leaving Earth

Kevin Richard Martin is an experimental artist who has previously released music as The Bug, King Midas Sound, and Zonal. He has now launched his own digital label, the fantastically named Intercranial Recordings, and has released three volumes of delicious ambient, drone music under the moniker ‘Frequencies for Leaving Earth’. These volumes were composed, mixed, …

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