Stray Harmonix – Mountain of One

Stray Harmonix
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Here’s a track released by Jagz Kooner and Gary Burns, working under the title of Stray Harmonix. In a previous life they were the founding members of Warp group Sabres of Paradise, alongside the late Andrew Weatherall. Jagz and Gary decided to reunite after the sad passing of Andrew Weatherall, and produced Mountain Of One as a result.

It’s a wonderful track, exploring subtle filmic textures, with gentle piano and the slow pulse of synths. It manages to feel both spacious and intimate at the same time and provides a taster of their first full ep due early 2021 on Bad Life.

Mountain of One features on the new Bad Life ambient & electronica compilation series ‘Machine Nature, and is dedicated to Andy Weatherall

Here’s the compilation from Bad Life, which is well worth checking out…

If you missed them the first time around and want a fix of classic electronica, here’s the Peel Session from Sabres of Paradise, broadcast in 1995…

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