Strange Selectors – Werra Foxma Records.

Strange Selectors - Werra Foxma Records
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Strange Selectors is a compilation of cutting edge electronica released by Werra Foxma Records. It’s curated by self-confessed electronica nerds Lee Pylon, Letters From Mouse, DJ Bleek and Kate Bosworth. These selectors all present their own electronica radio shows and so really know their adsr’s from their envelopes. Here’s the ethos behind the release:

Born out of the love for the medium of radio, an unhealthy obsession with electronica, and galvanised by the symbiosis with artists, labels and like-minded listeners, our intent is to enthuse you with a handful of the strange and noteworthy artists that have helped us to shape our broadcasts.

The result is an excellent compilation of experimental electronica, ambient, hauntology, and analogue knob-twiddling. It’s a fantastic roster of artists: Elizabeth Joan Kelly, Panamint Manse, Faex Optim, Pulselovers, Kieran Mahon, Rupert Lally, Survey Channel, Forest Robots, The Night Monitor, The Central Office of Information, Simon Klee, Twelve Hour Foundation, All My Friends Are Ghosts, Camp Of Wolves, Grey Frequency, and Soul Flask

If this lineup floats your boat, I would very strongly suggest that you go and check out the following electronic music radio shows presented by the selectors…

Kites & Pylons – Presented by Lee Pylon
The Magic Window – Presented by Letters From Mouse
Urban Mutant – Presented by DJ Bleek
Dark Train – Presented by Kate Bosworth

Here are a few tracks from the compilation to whet your appetite…

The CD is really well presented, with collector cards and stickers. On top of that, it’s all for a good cause, with profits from the release going to Médecins Sans Frontières. It’s a win-win situation from everybody concerned so go and buy a copy. Now.

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