Instruments, art-rock, minimal electronics. This was Kraftwerk yet to find their feet as an electronic outfit.

Kraftwerk 2


With a stripped down line up this album continues in approach the musical style of Kraftwerk.

Ralf und Florian


Ralf und Florian bridges the gap between Kraftwerks original acoustic style and the electronic approach which follows...



This album utilised flutes and guitar alongside the MiniMoog and ARP Odyssey.



A concept album exploring themes based around radio. Oscillators and noise were integrated into the Kraftwerk sound.

Trans-Europe Express


This album sees Kraftwerk exploring the European railway network through the medium of electronic minimalism.

The Man-Machine


A refinement of their mechanical style, and includes their classic tracks The Model and The Robot.

Computer World


Kraftwerk are here at the top of their game celebrating the micro-computer zeitgeist.

Electric Cafe


An underated (?) album released at a point in which Kraftwerks approach to music was now the norm...

Tour De France


A return to all that is great about the Kraftwerk sound, with an album developed from the Tour De France single released in the 80's.