Spiral Dial – I Can’t Breathe

Spiral Dial
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Spiral Dial is an innovative electroacoustic improvisational ensemble fronted by Liza Bec. They’ve just released a new EP ‘Live at Servant Jazz Quarters’.

Using a customized robotic tenor recorder created with the help of Leafcutter John, Liza creates hypnotic and mesmerizing soundscapes, together with David Ryder Prangley (Rachel Stamp, Adam Ant) on bass guitar and Adam Hayes on percussion.

Here’s some words from Liza about the origins, and subsequent significance of the track…

Inspired by the experience of being paralysed, unable to breathe, in the middle of a rare type of epileptic seizure called Jacksonian March, the words ‘I Can’t Breathe’ have taken on tragic meaning and significance since we performed this live improvisation in February 2020.

Liza Bec, Spiral Dial

Rhythmically and musically it’s very reminiscent of krautrock legends Can, which is far from a bad thing. Also of interest is the opening track from the EP, the opening track Why You’re Hurting, with its wonderful haunting vocal…

You can checkout the whole EP at Soundcloud, or Spotify.

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