Son Lux (feat. William Bell) – Only (Chasing You)

Only (Chasing You) - Son Lux feat. William Bell
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Only (Chasing You) is a collaboration between electronica, experimental & post out outfit Son Lux and William Bell, the Stax Records soul legend. It’s an interesting concept. Originally featured on the album Tomorrows I, and sung by Son Lux founder and vocalist Ryan Lott, the track was reworked with William Bell.

The song opens with atmospheric piano patterns, before the drums and vocals are introduced. The bass moves around a stuttering drum track somehow underpinning Williams Bells soulful delivery. It’s erratic and displaced, but works coherently, with a jazzy and soulful vibe that deserves repeated listening…

Here’s the original version of the track, with the original vocal creating a different emotional feel to the song…

The original version is taken from a trilogy of albums called Tomorrows. Part 1 is now released, with parts 2 & 3 to be released soon…

You can download Only (Chasing You) and the original version of the track from Bandcamp.

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