SNSE releases Goodbyes, featuring Frankie Valli

SNSE - Goodbyes - Feat. Frankie Valli
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SNSE is a producer from the US who’s following on from his debut single ‘Orisha’ in July with a great drum & bass track called Goodbyes. SNSE, aka Brando Valli featured his Dad on vocals. Most of us can’t really get away with that kind of thing and retain credibility, but Brando’s Dad is called Frankie…

Here’s Orisha, released back in July, darker than Goodby, with intense rhythms and a moody bassline, filtered percussion and vocal swirls…

It would be difficult, if not rude to post a track that features Frankie Valli, and not delve into the archives and dig out something from back in the day. Here’s Who Loves You…

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Goodbyes is featured on our Essential Electronic Music Spotify playlist.

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