Sinewave Collective releases Storm, an album curated by the Sinewave Community

Sinewave Collective - Storm
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The Sinewave Collective is midway through an epic electronic music project. Since 2017 they have been creating and curating a large-scale project under the umbrella of Elements. It’s a cycle of albums, it’s like Wagner meets Yes, only this time it’s with dubstep beats, drum & bass grooves, and cinematic electronica production.

Elements is a concept that is, and will eventually consist of 4 chapters. representing ideas of both the elements (earth, air, water & fire), and a journey through life (birth – youth – mid-life – death). To achieve this the project is broken down into four chapters, which can be summarised as:

  • Chapter 1: “Jord | Earth” – (Birth )
  • Chapter 2: “Luft | Air” (Youth)
  • Chapter 3: “Vann | Water” (Mid-life)
  • Chapter 4: “Ild | Fire” (The last stage of your life).

The project has so far resulted in two great albums. Jord | Earth was released last year, and Luft | Air was released earlier in 2020. They’re both excellent albums combining elements and sci-fi soundtracks, ambient, dubstep, IDM and more. It’s an eclectic and fascinating mix of electronic music from likeminded musicians.

I don’t know if it could be classed as ‘mission creep’, but the Sinewave community have now released Storm, described as a transitional release, bridging the gap between Luft and Vann, chapters 2 & 3. Regardless of this, it’s a great album. Here’s Formless, from Joro Dudovski, which combines drum & bass beats with ambient sounds, synths and water effects to create a engaging mood…

What’s great about this release, and the project in general is the juxtaposition between cinematic sounds and textures and contemporary electronic production. Here’s Careful, by Thorjn, a track which combines ambient and electronic elements wonderfully…

Sinewave Collective – Storm Tracklist

Qode – Alone At Sea (Prelude)
Kori – Starfade (Feat. Elle Chante)
Joro Dudovski – Formless
FLØQ – In The Eye Of The Storm
Thorjn – Careful
Velour & Monsieur Tori – Mirage
Foxwood – There’s A World Out There

The Story So Far…

Here’s Jord | Earth, the first chapter in the series…

And Luft | Air, the second chapter, released earlier this year…

And bringing the project up to date, here’s the whole of the spin-off album Storm.

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