Sin Maldita releases ‘Me Me Me’ ahead of debut album ‘You’re Trouble’

Sin Maldita - Me Me Me
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Sin Maldita is a Berlin based artist making ‘infernal, androgynous avant-garde pop’ that takes cues from experimental club music, seeking to strike an uncanny chord between abrasiveness and accessibility to tap into jagged, chaotic, beautiful and at times humorous emotions and spaces. 

He’s worked with Amnesia Scanner for their acclaimed multidisciplinary A/V performance ANESTHESIA SCAMMER, held at Kraftwerk Berlin, and has since worked on sound for an immersive art installation by Dafna Maimon, to be shown at Helsinki Biennial. 

Me Me Me is the opening track from Sin Maldita’s debut album ‘You’re Trouble’, it’s a song about feeling on the edge, in an in-between state, and feeling an urge to change and morph yourself. The track itself never really rests, it constantly shifts and recombines itself in more obvious as well as more uncanny ways.

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