Senn gets glitchy and metallic with The Sprout

Senn - The Sprout
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This one’s from the darker side of electronica. If you’re of a nervous disposition, click away now…

I don’t know much about Senn, but here’s what he has to say…

We are here to kindle each others souls- To rip them from the depths of the abyss. To grab hold of our purpose. To perpetuate the great astral machine. To inspire those that are uncertain and afraid. Continue. Follow the guiding force in your chest.

Opening with some glitching snare and abstract synth noises, this track opens up into an atonal patchwork of sounds and synth phrases, almost jazzy in its approach, taking you on a relentless, twisting journey, eventually settling down to some twisting harmonies accompanied by fuzzy, metallic, FM sounding improvisations.

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