Safejas releases Balance

Safejas - Balance
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Lewis Shields aka Safejas is a Berlin-based producer working in the fractured seams of electronic music, producing sounds that feel both alien and familiar. Moving between the more exploratory fringes of club music and expansive ambient soundscapes, Shields’ music breathes with curiosity and fractious detail.

Before he donned the Safejas moniker, Shields played bass and added electronics to various bands such as Good Guy Clarence in Brighton, and co-founding the live film scoring and audiovisual event Luma on the South coast. Alongside his friend and fellow producer qgb, Shields studied Music and Sonic Arts at the University of Sussex, where the threads of microscopic sound design and compositional experimentation that would shape his current production output began to intertwine.

Balance is a track taken from Lewis’s new 4-track EP ‘Silk‘. It’s a wonderful mix of club-friendly beats, ambient sounds, and reverb-soaked electronics. Here’s what Lewis has to say…

“Silk EP explores an organic/inorganic duality. I was living by the sea when the tracks were made, and taking influence from that environment, whilst also becoming increasingly interested in super digital aesthetics. I was looking for the ways that these natural environments intersect with our digital ways of reimagining them.”

Lewis Shields

Here’s Balance, the penultimate track from the EP…

You can listen to the rest of the Silk EP on Spotify.

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