Rebecca Phillips releases Senseless Summer, a disturbing music video perfect for 2020…

Rebecca Phillips - Senseless Summer
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Senseless Summer is the slightly disturbing new single from London based artist, vocalist and producer Rebecca Phillips. It’s produced with Christian Mac, her producer partner in crime and is all about a fantasy trip to a swimming pool. Here’s what Rebecca has to say about the song…

Senseless Summer tells the story of a seduction gone wrong. A sensual and breathtaking scene by a swimming pool is tinged with an underlying sense of menace ripping through the picturesque landscape and leaving the storyteller stranded and confounded with a sting of melancholy. Has someone drowned or is someone enjoying a swim and why like a flicker can the song oscillate between pain and pleasure?

Rebecca Phillips

The homemade Lockdown Lyric video was created with Rebecca’s international cast of video, vFX and acting collaborators. Directed by Rebecca from London, parts were contributed by Kennedy Cutter in LA, edited by Melissa Schwark in Munich, with glitch and lyric FX added by Andrew Olivares in Toronto, all from each of their home or garden settings to comply with local stay at home orders. It’s another striking and unsettling music video from Phillips to follow on from previous singles ‘Burnt Peach’, ‘Green Porcelain’ and ‘Silicone Skin’, all of which secured critical blogosphere acclaim.  Check out the video below.

Rebecca Phillips is not simply a singer, or a studio producer, as an artist she has worked across multiple disciplines. She combines lyricism, film, theatre, sound alongside the latest technology to form storyscapes and experiences where audio and visual elements coalesce. Theatre credits include acting in Parallax at the Almeida, writing and performing in Tentacles at the Lyric Hammersmith, as well as performing in a scratch of her play, Hoops at Hackney Showroom. Rebecca sold out London’s October Gallery with her debut live music performance in late 2019.

With ‘Senseless Summer’, Phillips and her crew have created an unnerving yet intriguing audio-visual experience perfect for the craziness of 2020.

Should you wish to check out more from Rebecca, here’s the video for Silicone Skin, released earlier this year…

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