Re-Entry – Cinematic Electronica from Egopusher

Egopusher - Re-Entry
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Egopusher are drummer/producer Alessandro Giannelli and violinist Tobias Preisig. Their music is an amalgam of classic and advanced electronica and contemporary-neo-classical. It’s the type of music that begs for wide-screen movies to be shot to. We’ve featured them a couple of times before but we like their sound, so here’s another track…

They’ve just released another single, this one is called Re-Entry. Starting with a slow synth riff it builds in intensity before a violin and darker synth lines inject some menace into the track. Modulations in the synth and violin add some harmonic structure before the synth opens up and a mellow, downtempo drum groove arrives…

Re-Entry is taken from their album Beyond, which you can check out on their Soundcloud profile.

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