Naessie – The Time It Takes | Glitch & Bass Music from Anchorage, Alaska

Naessie - The Time It Takes
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Here’s some glitch and bass music from Alaska. That’s a sentence you don’t hear very often. The Time It Takes is a new track from Naessie, who is known around Anchorage as Joshua Jeffries.

Here’s what Joshua has to say about his new track…

This is the debut tune under my new moniker, Naessie. I wanted to conceptualize my new musical direction within a 3 minute song and to create a sense of movement which feels a bit unpredictable on first listen. There are lots of rich textures, granular synthesis and off kilter rhythms (as well as your conventional swells and drops) – elements that’ll be very common in my future songs. A lot of bass music tends to be creepy, or sinister. This song was resultant in exploring a more playful and cute side of a heavier genre. The title refers to the amount of time it can take for one to discover their own voice. Which for me, has taken years of experimentation and learning.


The Time It Takes is now part of our new electronic music playlist, The Bigly. You can listen to it and follow it here.

Naessie is currently releasing a new track on a monthly basis. The next track is called When We’re All Asleep, and will be released in October. I’ll be sure to share it on release so can enjoy your Alaskan glitch fix…

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