Million Square releases jazz-infused electronic single, Dome…

Million Square - Dome
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Million Square are a London based, electronic duo featuring Max Luthert and Duncan Eagles. Their style is a blend of jazz and electronic music, with jazz / saxophone improvisations over intricately constructed electronic soundscapes. Since releasing their debut EP in 2018 they have been honing this sound, performing live around London, utilizing modular synthesizers, triggers and live manipulation of acoustic instruments.

Following their EP Spirit Bloom in Feb 2020 (supported by Giles Peterson, Bandcamp Daily, Tom Ravenscroft, Worldwide FM) the duo released Jenova to mark the start of their new upcoming EP. They’re now progressing towards their next EP with the new single ‘Dome’.

Dome represents the intensity of living in today’s world. The subtle tension between the free and smooth melody against the rigidity of the drums, sometimes working together and sometimes against each other. There is a gradual searching intensity that builds throughout the track, representing a will to escape. Whether escaping is possible is not clear.

Million Square

I’m sure you’ll agree it’s all a wonderful blend of jazz and electronica. Here’s Jenova, which is a little more aggro, but brilliant all the same…

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