Mending release Chapter 02 of Folktronica / Prog epic To Yellowknife

To Yellowknife
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Sometimes artists embark on a little more than just a four minute tune. You may recall my post a short while ago about Sinewave Collective, who are part way through an epic musical journey. Mending are another act with big aspirations.

Mending is a duo consisting of Kate Adams and Joshua Dumas. It’s a project that spans the North American continent, with Kate based in Alaska and Joshua in New York. They’re currently embarking on a four-album “sci-fi climate collapse dystopia road trip song cycle”. It’s presented as a project under the umbrella title of ‘The Wakerobin Archive’, with this four-album story called ‘To Yellowknife’.

Here’s how Mending present the narrative of the project…

We Gathered at Wakerobin Hollow is a four hour, 39 song, speculative fiction song cycle, released in nine chapters over 18 months. Combining character-driven songwriting with drone and noise, the project traces the lives of a family and friends over a 40 year period in a series of connected vignettes. The broad narrative, told chronologically from multiple points-of-view, is set in motion by a catastrophic fire at an oil refinery in Odena, Alabama. We watch children become adults, spread out to Asheville, New York, and Bennington, get jobs, fall in and out of love, and families grow. But climate change, coastal flooding, and an increasingly authoritarian government transform their day-to-day lives, eventually leading them all to Odena and Wakerobin Hollow.

We’re currently about to see the release of chapter two, entitled ‘Bismark to the Crow Trust’. Here’s the tracklist to give you a feel of how it might develop…

  1. Trouble in Bismarck (47X-101)
  2. A Long Walk Under a Gray Sky (48X-102)
  3. He Loved Winter (LYN805)
  4. Another Long Walk, Another Gray Sky (48X-103)
  5. Andy’s Warbent (LYN298)
  6. The Wastes of N Dakota (47X-104)
  7. No Juice (LYN###)
  8. Solar Station at the Dawson Airstrip (47X-105)
  9. Always Watching Over Me (LYN762)
  10. His Garden (LYN641)

You can checkout the first track, Trouble in Bismark below…

Here’s a track from the first chapter to give you a feel of where we’re coming from…

As an overall project, it’s reminiscent of Jeff Wayne’s War of The Worlds, with dystopian folktronica replacing the disco-rock excesses of the 1970’s. It will be fascinating to see how this all pulls together as a complete project. You can pre-order a cassette of chapter two at the Mending Bandcamp page.

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