Mellodine releases Wide Awake, taken from his latest EP Apart

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Mellodine is an electronic music producer currently living in London, but originally from Germany. He’s just released an excellent new EP entitled Apart. Bringing together ambient sounds and textures with intricate percussion and deep house influenced beats, it’s an engaging listen that’s both mellow and pulsating.

Here’s Wide Awake, which combines soft syncopated chord stabs with haunting vocals and a driving backbeat…

Here’s Driving, another track from the EP which takes a similar approach rhythmically but has a faster pace creating much more momentum…

Take a look at mellodine’s Soundcloud page for some more of his melodic, ambient, and

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electronic music playlist #1

We’ve added Wide Awake to our new electronic music playlist on Soundcloud. This playlist features some great music we’ve previously featured on our blog, hope you enjoy listening…

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