Maybe you should buy the new single from synekdok? [premiere]

synekdok - maybe i should buy something
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We’re delighted to premiere the new single from Swedish artist synekdok, called “maybe i should buy something”. This track explores the ugly parts of capitalism, with the track featuring the inner dialogue of a consumer, hoping desperately to solve their emotional turmoil through buying things. It’s a very uncomfortable truth, and something we’d prefer to ignore.

How many times have you bought something without really needing it, hoping it will provide you with some relief? How many times have you forgotten immediately afterward that it didn’t really solve anything? How many times have you then pretended that it actually did? How many times have you regretted it when looking at your bank statement?


To fit the theme the song was produced using a wide variety of experimental techniques, including software glitches morphed into rhythms, sounds from deep-frozen cassette tapes of children’s songs, a broken car engine. All of these and more, mixed with regular instrumentation create an atmosphere of highly uncomfortable comfort, just as the consumerist ideas we’ve all been handed down through the generations.

synekdok is the alias of experimental multi-instrumentalist and software engineer Johan Lövgren. Blending the realms of acoustic and purely digital, his music repurposes the ugly and faulty parts of our digital world. By using unorthodox techniques to create rhythmical technical faults, and layering them with lush guitars and organic ambiance, a resemblance of the digital human experience is created.

maybe i should buy something is released 10th October via all good streaming outfits…

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