Mary-Ann Kiefer – The Space. The Trance. The Future.

Mary-Ann Kiefer - Fuserrr
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Mary-Ann Kiefer are an Austrian electro-punk, mathrock and noise band based in Vienna, Austria. They’re a trio comprising of Michel Dedeyan, Christoph Kirmaier and Raimund Schlager, and have been working together since 2011.(Who is Mary-Ann Kiefer though?)

Here’s a track called Fuserrr, it’s taken from their EP ‘The Space. The Trance. The Future’. It’s probably the most ‘mathrock’ of the release, and shows the band working tightly together to create a hypnotic groove.

The EP is three tracks exploring different sounds and textures, with electronic sounds and textures combined with live drums and guitars. Being a live outfit brings a great deal of energy to their sound which is sometimes missing from a lot of electronica. Here’s Tsonkati Splosion…

Solarfrost is probably the most straight ahead track, with a tight, yet raucous rhythm section underpinning synth riffs and melodic guitar fragments…

Mary-Ann Kiefer are currently reaching out to vj, video editors and visual artists to help them create a video for Fuserrr. Below is green screen footage of a unicorn. All that’s needed now is the landscape to be created in the background. Full details of how to submit are in the YouTube description…

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