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manif - small steps
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The current global pandemic, and subsequent lockdown has resulted in a great number of us forced into isolation, resulting in a wealth of creativity, and musical production. In Wiltshire, this has resulted in a 12″ vinyl release from electronic music producer manif.

Small Steps is a 6-track collection of downtempo beats, electronic sounds, grooves and melodies. It’s minimal, moody, and a little ethereal. It’s largely instrumental, although some tracks have subtle vocal elements, that occasionally take you by surprise, adding an extra unexpected dimension to the release. Here’s the opening track, not expected…

The release continues in a similar vein, with synth patterns, chords and melodic fragments interspersed with dubby, rhythmic grooves, sometimes setting a darker tone, like the second track Looking Down…

Small steps is a personal favourite, with a bassline that reminds me of a Kraftwerk track, surrounded by a whirlwind of shimmering synths, and a delicate synthesiser pad peeking through…

You can buy the vinyl direct from manif at his Bandcamp Store.



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