Lyon Mane releases Blame Game

Lyon Mane - Blame Game
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Lyon Mane is a producer, singer and songwriter from Montreal, Canada. He’s releasing a new album this year, but first we have Blame Game…

I listened to this and almost passed it by, on the grounds that it might not be electronic enough for this blog. It starts off a little Anthony & The Johnsons, It was all a little twee for my tastes, but I let it play, and then decided that I really needed to share it!

It’s beautifully layered, vocal pop electronica. It’s got some great break-downs with simple drum layers and layered vocals, with synth arpeggio sweeps and solos. It’s got some medieval, religious-sounding vocals layered with tribal drums that open up into a bridge with some lovely piano. It’s very progressive in its structure…

Lyon Mane is a storyteller. His name derives inspiration from the giant Lion’s Mane jellyfish. It symbolizes intuition and sensibility, the same forces at the core of each one of his songs. After going through dark personal times, Lyon found that the purpose of his suffering was to be translated into something that could connect with people at a deeper level. In doing so, he could also offer a mental space for them to find shelter in and process their own struggles, no matter their age, gender, ethnic or religious background. His music aims at transporting its audience into a dimension where bigger truths are at work, where they can also give their pain a higher meaning.

Lyon’s many talents were illustrated through his numerous collaborations with international artists, from German electronic producer Wanden to Turkish guitarist Ersin Ersavas. As a producer, Lyon Mane signs two tracks on “The Fight Within”, a Juno-nominated album by Canadian singer-songwriter Iskwe. Everything he touches builds on his unique signature while mastefully integrating his collaborators musical identity. With a debut album being released in 2020, Lyon Mane is soon to be recognized as one of Canada’s most promising upcoming acts.

Lyon Mane
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