Loop Line – The Small Hours

The Small Hours
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Last night was the coldest night for 27 years apparently (in Scotland anyway), so it seemed like an appropriate time to post this lovely track by Loop Line. It’s maybe a little less ‘electronica’ than the music I usually post but there’s something quite charming about this track. I think it was the intro that got me hooked, somewhat reminiscent of early experimental electronic music like Raymond Scott, or some of the Radiophonic Workshop stuff…

Loop Line is a ‘geographically challenged’ indie-rock band. They are two men who live in different cities. Paul Winkels lives in Minneapolis and Luke Slisz lives in Ann Arbor. They first met in Minnesota, where they played together in various bands until life got in the way and forced their musical collaboration online.

They’ve been making music together ever since by sending files back and forth over the internet, revising and adding to each other’s demos until they become truly collaborative songs. Their latest extended release is the EP Wakes, the follow up to their 2014 LP, Tides, which was described by L’etoile Magazine as “great, creative interesting stuff…sounds like nothing else going on [in Minneapolis] right now,” and “adventurous” and “ebullient” by BandCamp Hunter. The band will be releasing monthly singles throughout 2021 and an album shortly after that.

Here are a few words from the creators…

The song’s a washed-out soundtrack to a search for shelter and companionship during a snowstorm. It was inspired by a long-distance relationship I was in during a winter when my partner and I were living on different continents and couldn’t be together. The time between our visits always seemed like an eternity, so it felt like I wouldn’t see her again until the continents drifted back together. This song tries to capture and convey the feeling I had that winter of wanting something so badly but being powerless to do anything about it; the desire to carve our own small time and space out of the world where we could just be together without worrying about anything else, like how it felt when we’d stay up until three in the morning, and it seemed like we were the only two people in the world.

Loop Line
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