Lennart Heyndels – Bird Shuffle

Lennart Heyndels - Bird Shuffle
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Bird Shuffle is the first single of Brussels based multi-instrumentalist Lennart Heyndels’ upcoming album ‘Halling’. The track was recorded during a residency in the Norwegian countryside, utilising both recorded ambient sounds and modular synthesisers.

The title of the album refers to the Hallingdal region, as well as the traditional local dance ‘Halling’, in which a goal for the dancer is to kick a hat off a stick while doing a somersault…

While residing at the Leveld Kunstnartun he recorded sounds from the environment and fused them with his modular synthesizer. In Bird Shuffle a recorded loop of forest birds triggers the synth sounds, resulting in an unusual, stuttering beat. Lennart Heyndels’ sound is defined by an organic mixture of the acoustic and the electronic, making it impossible at times to distinguish one from the other.

Here’s a wonderful video for Bird Shuffle, subtle, but effective…

You can also download the single via Bandcamp…

If you want to delve further into music inspired by birdsong, here’s a good starting point…

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