Kevin Richard Martin – Frequencies for Leaving Earth

Frequencies for Leaving Earth​ by Kevin Richard Martin
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Kevin Richard Martin is an experimental artist who has previously released music as The Bug, King Midas Sound, and Zonal. He has now launched his own digital label, the fantastically named Intercranial Recordings, and has released three volumes of delicious ambient, drone music under the moniker ‘Frequencies for Leaving Earth’. These volumes were composed, mixed, and produced during the COVID lockdown period, where Kevin spent this surreal, intense time, rebuilding his studio and retreating into alternate sonic realities.

Volume 1 is epically slow. Three graceful tracks that are as beautiful as they are spiritual, existing in a glacial twilight zone, floating between drone, neo-classical, and extremely slo-mo jazz. Sounding like a score for a lost Tarkovsky film, the cavernous spaces between the notes are as seductive as the lush music within the album. It ’s three lengthy pieces are three variations on one haunting, melody…

Alternately Volume 2 is its inorganic opposite, Written for Shepard tone, mellotron and sub-bass. This second volume is far more austere, alien and foreboding, reveling in its praise of the Shepard tone and Kevin Martin’s ongoing obsession with scarce sci-fi scores.

The producer ventures further out sonically, into an extra terrestrial deep listening experience, that is fuelled on massive low end gravity and hypnotic tension, but retains a rich vein of soul amidst the tripped, electronic machinery.

It echoes disc two of Techno Animal’s ‘Re-entry’, the spectral ambiance of his debut album ’Sirens’ on Lawrence English Room40 label, and at times even sounds like the heaviest dubs applied to an updated BBC Radiophonic Workshop, by a latter-day Autechre…

Veering between hypnotic sedatives and tsunami-like tidal flows, the warmth of Volume 3 is tangible, and the melodic undercurrents are irresistible. Setting church organs adrift on a sea of sub-bass meditations, there is a captivating glow within these 7 molten movements, as they oscillate between breathtaking tension and goosebump release, throughout the profane explorations…

When Kevin jokes its “my gospel album”, it puts a smile on my face, but once fully immersed in these songs of praise and loss, who am I to disagree ….?

Undoubtedly Volume 3 contains some of the most beautiful pieces of music Martin has ever released.

In places sounding like a dream fusion of AFXs lushest melodies with Stars of the Lid’s most seductive sonic hymns, at other times sounding like Spacemen 3 stretched to infinity, the mood conveyed within this record is overwhelming.
Simply gorgeous.

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