Ke Thu release Bound Apart EP via Detroit Underground

ke thu - bound apart
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ke thus are a live act based in Detroit, Michigan. They’re a duo consisting of multi-instrumentalists Tim Barrett and Steve Stavropoulos who create music that is minimal, moody, atmospheric, yet still dance focussed.

ke thu’s latest EP, Bound Apart, consists of 5 tracks that explore techno’s outer edges. Incorporating a variety of staggered, broken rhythms, the EP never makes it to a straight-ahead 4-on-the-floor beat. The textures they’ve layered using a variety of soft synths and guitar samples form a deep cushion for the drums to rest on.

The 5 tracks were written in early spring, during the beginning stages of quarantine. The duo spent time sending ideas back and forth, composing while isolated in their respective studios until finally meeting in person this summer to finalize each recording.

Plain View sits in the middle of the EP, and launches with strummed guitar chords underpinned with a heartbeat style kick drum, sub bass and fast conga percussion. Hi-hats fade in to the mix pushing the groove forward additional harmony adds to the overall picture. It breaks down with a pause in the guitar and abstract noises adding some tension. After a while the guitar returns and all is well…

Salis is the opening track of the EP. It’s a little darker in its opening, beginning with a drone and percussion to hold tension, before melodic stabs give a sense of harmonic movement. Again it’s rhythmic backdrop is a pulsing kick overlaid with percussive loops, adding a unique sound texture that’s not quite dancefloor, but keeps you moving nonetheless…

Bound Apart is released by Detroit Underground, an arts collective based in Michigan, USA. You can download Bound Apart from the Detroit Underground Bandcamp Store.

You can listen to more music from ke thu on their Soundcloud page.

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