JJ.Christie and Ethereal Delusions – The Big Melt

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Listening to The Big Melt takes me back to my childhood. Sounds of Miami Vice, Knightrider, John Carpenter soundtracks, Robocop fill the air…

JJ.Christie and Ethereal Delusions have created a wonderful collection of synthesiser focussed tunes, occasionally interspersed with vocal samples to add some narrative. Stuck in orbit is especially effective with it’s space theme and Georgio Moroder style synth patterns. Tostië is a track where The Big Belt brings you back into a contemporary vibe with its pulsating synths and four to the floor drum beat. Mumbahsynth takes you on a bouncing synthwave / Moombahton-inspired journey. Orion is an epic 8-minute track that take me back to sounds of 70’s TV sci-fi soundtracks, again with a contemporary sheen to keep things fresh.

The Big Melt is released by the Filtersweep Collective. You can stream and download it from Bandcamp:

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