Ivan Abramovic releases Dolby Atmos made track Places

ivan abramovic - places
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Based in Paris, France, Swedish/Croatian Ivan Abramovic is an artist focused on immersive audio music. Coming from a background of playing in several indie/rock bands, his solo project sees him take the vocalist role and experiment more freely with production elements. His first album, made entirely with immersive sound, is to be released later in 2020.

With the release of the song “Places”, Ivan Abramovic becomes one of the first in the world to release a song made from scratch using the new sound system Dolby Atmos. After a long collaboration with Gabriel Lundh in Sweden’s first Dolby Atmos studio named “The Dome”, the result is a listening experience with an entirely novel “10D experience”…

Here’s a cool little video that shows the sounds moving about in time and space…

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