Immerse yourself in Corporate Electronica with Home&Office’s Service and Return

Home&Office - Sports&Leisure
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Service and Return is taken from the latest album from Home&Office, Sports&Leisure, a ’10-part examination of the individual’s journey to and beyond personal success, viewed through the lens of sports, business, and leisure’. This album is an electronic blend of jazz, funk, disco, and 80s library music, with Service and Return being the top danceable track of the album.

Finally, the payoff you’ve been waiting for! After years of intense training, expectations riding high, your hopes and dreams laid out before you at the mercy of the scoreboard … this is the moment when your potential shines through, surging you to the victory which you’ve sought since the beginning of your career.

It’s a window into an alternative world, a world of shoulder pads and big business. You can immerse yourself fully in this world through the website, which looks like it was expertly crafted in HTML4, way back in 1995, complete with streaming of the Home&Office catalog, and a chatroom.

Sports&Leisure is the fourth release from Home&Office, and follows In Office, Home Office 1, and Home Office 2. All of these come together to immerse you in the corporate world of Home&Office CEO, Dillard Maxis. Here’s a track called Reach Out, Connect, Touch Base, taken from last year’s release, In Office…

It’s all both fascinating and immersive, in a similar way to Esoteric Healing: friend or foe? which you may remember being covered here a while ago. I’d recommend spending some time exploring the world of Home&Office. I’ll leave you with the opening track from Sports&Leisure, Champion’s Ambition…

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