Her Majesty’s Coroner for Wirral – Esoteric Healing: friend or foe?

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This is the strangest, most interesting, and creative electronic music release I’ve come across in quite a while. It’s an ‘investigation’ into a suspicious death at a healing conference by Her Majesty’s Coroner for Wirral and follows last year’s investigation into an unexplained death at Europa Pools back in 1997.

This is all crazy, nightmarish material thats presented with flair. The pieces are present, and delivered via the medium of audio and video manipulation and transformation, allowing the listener to piece together their own narrative.

Here’s the premise of the release:

On Tuesday 13th April 2004, a two-day international conference was hosted at Wirral’s Insight Conference Centre for the Association of Transpersonal Psychologists and Naturopathic Therapists.

During a breakout session at approximately 2:56pm, conference delegates reported a brief power cut followed by what they described as an ‘ear-piercing electrical buzzing noise’, followed by a crashing sound.

Part of the rear annex of the conference centre, where one of the breakout seminar rooms was located, had collapsed, causing injuries that initially were initially believed to be the cause of death of attendee Ariel Moonstone.

Initial examination of the body revealed burns consistent with those caused by lethal electric shock. Further investigations have revealed that death was cardiac arrest most likely caused by prolonged exposure to electrical current, though the source of this current has not yet been established.


The coroner’s report is presented alongside a DVD of the conference material alongside a delegate list and schedule to allow you to immerse yourself into the material and understand what may have taken place at this conference.

Musically this project plays with a range of styles and techniques. Insight Conference Centre plays with what sounds like on-hold music, and glitches it to chaotic effect. The filter dropouts are most effective with the video, hopefully this will be published online soon…

Esoteric Healing Demonstration is dark. Alongside Have a Wonderful Response and Seminar Room 4 it sets a mysterious tone to the proceedings. It’s an ambient exploration and manipulation of the source material that take you on a twisted journey…

So go and check out the whole thing on Bandcamp. Whilst you’re there spend some time at Europa Pools, and immerse yourself in the darker side of electronica…

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