Gilroy Mere – Adlestrop

Gilroy Mere - Adlestrop
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Adlestrop is the latest release from Gilroy Mere, and released on vinyl, cassette and digital from Clay Pipe Music.

It’s a fascinating look back to a different world, a world of railway branch lines, village railway stations, and a bygone England.

Gilroy Mere traveled across the country visiting the sites of railways that used to exist, pre the infamous Beeching cuts of the 1960s. He recorded interviews and soundscapes along the way and integrated them into pieces of music inspired by his travels.

What results is a great album. The opener, Appendix 2, lists stations recommended for closure by Beeching, sung in a way that’s reminiscent of Scott Walker. The Age of the Train has the momentum of a train and gentle electronic rhythms propelling it forwards.

Adlestrop itself is a wonderful ambient soundscape with a narration taking the listener back to England of old. It’s all a wonderful experience, and a welcome addition to my vinyl collection.

It’s Gilroy Mere’s third release on the Clay Pipe Music label, and well worth spending some quality time with…

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