Gabriel Stern releases This ‘n That

Gabriel Stern
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I’m a big fan of music that uses sampling to create music that’s almost a sound collage. It goes back to the beginnings of music concrete, and can be traced through the Beatles Revolution No 9 through to Hip Hop and the KLF and The Orb. It’s great to now discover Gabriel Stern…

Gabriel Stern is a classically trained musician from New York. Although he’s 77 years old he’s never released his own music, until now. He’s released a couple of tracks in advance of his debut album, and the results are here for you to enjoy.

This ‘n That is a mashup of vocal snippets, instrumental fragments, swirling effects, and a rolling backbeat to hold it all together. It’s only a couple of minutes long but enjoy it while it lasts…

Another track previewed on his Soundcloud is How Can a Man Be Born. This is a complex melding of melodic ideas, fragments of sound, rhythmic loops, and samples. It’s a sound world to immerse yourself into, to explore and discover. Structurally it has a few surprises, I’ll leave you to discover those…

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