Field Kit – Motorized Piano

Field Kit - Motorized Piano
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Field Kit is an experimental electronic music duo from Berlin, Hannah von Hübbenet and John Gürtler. They took their name from an electro-acoustic workstation created by Koma Elektronik, a device that allows you to play with and control radio signals, sensors, and motors.

As you would expect, their music is based on experimental processes. Motorized Piano, the second single to be taken from their forthcoming album, is built upon a rhythmical pattern played with a Field Kit-driven mechanical hammer on different piano strings. The rich sound of organic synthesizers and polyrhythmic piano structures are complemented on this track by a drum solo played by Nando Schaefer.

Here’s Counterfeit, a previous track from Field Kit, the first single from their forthcoming album. It’s really quite lovely, with receptive string patterns and mellow piano chords underpinning a daunting and melancholic soundscape…


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Motorized Piano is part of our Essential Electronic Music Spotify playlist.

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