f5point6 – Natural Selection [Premiere]

f5point6 - R. Cleveland Aaron
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We delighted to follow on from our premiere of Reflective Vibrations by Fragile X with a wonderful new release from f5point6, released officially on Friday on See Blue Audio. Here’s Natural Solution…

Musically, the album is an excellent ambient, minimalist, yet in places driven album. There are synth pads and washes, creating a wonderful soundscape. It’s rhythmically well-paced, with synth patterns and minimal drums and percussion driving it along in all the right places. There are a few dynamic changes and surprises lurking too to keep you on your toes.

‘KaleidoSound: Time, Shape & Space Vol. 1’ explores the theme of architecture, starting with the architect that is nature. Alongside audio composition, Cleveland has a successful photographic career, which informs and inspires his work as a musical artist. He’s also a lecturer at a sixth-form college, sharing his creative talents and inspiring the next generation of artists…

R. Cleveland Aaron, otherwise known as f5point6, provides the fourteenth and final release of the year from the excellent, Barcelona based, See Blue Audio. It’s the first installment in a new series as ‘KaleidoSound: Time, Shape & Space’ takes over from ‘KaleidoSound: Time, Space & Frequencies’, which was an audio chronicle of the creation of Planet Earth and the fourth album from f5point6.

‘KaleidoSound: Time, Shape & Space Vol. 1’ f5point6
See Blue Audio – SBA #014

  1. The Blueprint to Everything
  2. Nature the Architect
  3. Tetrahedron of Forever
  4. Quadrupedal
  5. Gradualism
  6. Hexpod
  7. Natural Selection
  8. CHNOPS – We Are Everything
  9. Common Descent
  10. Where to Next

Release date: 11 December 2020


Buy @ Bandcamp

Soundcloud – f5point5
Soundcloud – See Blue Audio

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