Egopusher – Elenor

egopusher - elenor
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Citing Moderat, Rival Consoles, and Jon Hopkins as influences, Egopusher is the work of drummer/producer Alessandro Giannelli and violinist Tobias Preisig. An interesting combination for an experimental music outfit. Here’s a little background to how the group came about…

The project started as a string of late night conversations which took place in Tobias’ vintage BMW, while the two of them would drive back together from gigs, as session musicians with Dieter Meier’s Out of Chaos (note: Dieter Meier is one-half of the legendary YELLO). The official beginning of Egopusher can be traced back to their first show as a duo, a fully improvised affair which took place in November 2013, at the off-space Perla Mode, back in Zürich. The show was epic. An avalanche of live events followed, this led to a self-titled EP – the rest is history in the making.

Elenor is a single taken from their forthcoming album, Beyond, to be released on Quiet Love Records. It’s a great track that builds nicely and is aided well by the acoustic nature of the violin elements. It’s dynamically very well executed, as demonstrated at around the 5 and a half minute mark when it opens up with a new level of energy…

Their new album Beyond, was conceived over a 2 year period, and then record over a 28 day period, between Engelberg, Switzerland, and Berlin, Germany, recorded in gaps in between touring schedules. The album is due to be released by Quiet Love Records, a label based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Here’s another couple of tracks worth spending some time with, starting with the new album title track, Beyond…

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